Nationstar Year End Tax Statement

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Nationstar year end tax statement is the summary of your previous twelve months of payment, interest paid and taxes. It is important to you because when you file your taxes, you have to include a copy of year-end tax statement. On 13th of January, usually your year-end tax statement will be available. So that you will have a lot of time to file your taxes. Usually your year-end statement will send to your inbox, but if you have not signed up for Paperless yet so your year-end statement will send to your mailbox.

You will receive Nationstar year end tax statement from Nationstar Mortgage and your previous lender no later than on 31st of January if your loan was transferred in the previous year. There is the way for you if you want to know your year- end statement information before your statement is available. You just navigate to the statements section. Here are all available information will display, and then your -end tax statement also will available as soon as. There is the way also for you if you want to know your year-end statement from more than thirteen months ago, the way is please contact us and we will help you to get it. In once time, if you need it, our tax ID number is 75-2921540.

Nationstar Year end Tax Statement
Sometimes your Nationstar year end tax statement maybe is different from what you were expecting. We always survey the customer service department to find out what the most common customer questions about year-end statements are. Finally we can find out what the most common customer questions. Here are some common questions that hopefully we can give the clearest answers and the most comprehensive answers.

There are many of people who asking about where is my 1099 INT? A 1099 INT is a statement that summarizes your interest earned. In the case, if you do not receive a 1099 INT, it is because you were paid less than $10.00 in accrued interest in your escrow account or your interest income was paid on January 2nd, so you will not receive one until next year.

There are people who asking about was my interest reported incorrectly? Here is what should you do if you believe your interest was reported incorrectly. The first think which should you do is please review your payment history to know how it was applied. Then please give special attention to the effective dates of when it was applied for the year. With that way it can explain why the amount is different than you expected. In addition, if you have payoff interest from a short sale, you have to sure and check to see whether it is applicable and reportable. It may not applicable and not reportable, so it can be the reason why the amount is different. We are very recommended please you consult with a tax advisor to find out.

Actually there are still many the common customer questions about year-end statements. The questions are: is it a problem if my name or address has changed? Why is not my name on my year-end tax statement? Why is my tax or insurance lower than expected? The answer from that questions can you see detail in the official website of Nationstar Mortgage.

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