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Nationstar lender paid expenses is one of the key facts on your monthly statement. In Nationstar Mortgage there are the statement breakdowns. There are lender paid expense summary, statement information, account information, explanation of amount due, past payment breakdown, transaction activity, important messages and payment coupon. Nationstar Mortgage as one of the largest servicers in the United States is always listening to the feedback of the customer. It always strives to make the statements easier to understand by the customer. In this opportunity we will explain the key facts on your monthly statement. Hopefully you can understand it.

The first we will explain you what is Nationstar lender paid expenses? Lender paid expense summary is the expenses paid which issued by Nationstar Mortgage to defend your loan and enable processes related to it. This is can include like maintenance costs, legal fees and property inspections. So, in Nationstar lender paid expenses summary, you will know how much the expenses paid by Nationstar to defend your loan.

Let’s we learn other statement breakdowns. The second of the key facts on your monthly statement is statement information. In the statement information, there are your loan number and the date the statement was generated. Then the third of the key facts on your monthly statement is account information. From the account information you will know your escrow balance, principal balance and current interest rate. The fourth of the keys facts is the explanation of amount due. It shows interest and escrow. The explanation of amount due is also show the amount for principal. If there are late payments, optional items and other fees, those are also will be show in the explanation of amount due. You can see fee schedules in the official website of Nationstar Mortgage.

Next, there is the keys fact called past payment breakdown. This past payment breakdown will recap your last payment and the payments which you have made to date this year. The past payment breakdown gives information to you about how much interest, principal, escrow and other fees like the fee of insurance and also applicable information. Other key fact on your monthly statement is transaction activity. From the transaction activity you will know the basic recap of the last payment which has you made. It is also show the disbursements which has we made on your behalf to the people who pay like insurance providers and tax authorities.

The seven of the key facts on your monthly statement is the important messages. We think you can understand with this section. Those are the important messages which should you know. So, please do not miss it. The last of the key facts on your monthly statement is the payment coupon. In the payment coupon you will see lists of the amount due, your loan number and the amount due if outside the grace period. The grace period is some of days after your official due date when Nationstar Mortgage is still accept your payment without marking it as a late. You have to send this payment coupon on your payment, if you pay by mail.

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