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Nationstar Mortgage as the largest non-bank mortgage servicer in U.S.A, It focused on making your mortgage experience less worrisome and more rewarding. Since 1994, Nationstar Mortgage had helped the people realize their homeownership dreams. The people who get a home from Nationstar Mortgage, the most of them say that they are very satisfied with its best service. Unfortunately, sometime there are the customers who having problem about mortgage payments. Therefore that customer should face up the foreclosure process.

Nationstar Mortgage offers several option for avoid the foreclosure process. One of options is Nationstar bank deed in lieu. It is an alternative to avoid foreclosure or short sale. Deed in lieu which is you transfer ownership of your home to your lender. We think this is a great solution and streamline process for you than a foreclosure. It may have nothing a negative financial impact for you.

With Nationstar bank deed in lieu, you will have a lot of time to plan when you can move and transition out of your home. Besides that, you may also be eligible for relocation assistance or assistance with paying other liens and judgments against your property. These arrangements are subject to investor approval and other eligibility factors. Of course Nationstar Mortgage will give you the best service and will be glad to talk all this through with you when you request Nationstar bank deed in lieu. During the deed in lieu process, you have to complete the statement of information. That statement is to be signed personally by each party to the transaction and by both partners. If you are married, so in this section one is to be completed by the husband/partner and in this section two is to be completed by the wife/partner. The title company has asked that we obtain this information as it is necessary to insure a transaction involving real property in which you are interested. In that regard, the title company may encounter judgments, bankruptcies, dissolutions and liens against persons with the same or similar name as yours. This information will aid them in ruling these matters out if they do not relate to you or your property.

Besides deed in lieu, there are other options to avoid the foreclosure process. Those are refinancing, repayment, loan modifications and short sale. If you are difficult to make your payments but you have not fallen behind yet, you can do a refinance. Refinancing allow a borrower to obtain a better interest term and rate so the monthly payment be lower. Repayment also can you choose as option to avoid the foreclosure process if you having the temporary hardship payment but finally you can back to making amount payment each month. Then if you have long-term hardship payment, we offer you to modifying your loan. With loan modification, it will probably to reduce your monthly payment. It can lower your interest rate or extend the loan’s timeframe. The last option for you to avoid the foreclosure process is short sale. It can allow you to sell your home for less than you owe on the mortgage.

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