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Do you want to have a residence? Many ways for residence buyers to get mortgage are available. It includes applying online ways or visiting to the local bank branch. A popular and recommended bank for mortgage customers is SunTrust Bank. This is a quality bank offering its Suntrust mortgage customer service and products for customers. The customer service is claimed to be the best one related to customer service problems. Before revealing the Suntrust customer service, it is right to discuss SunTrust Bank.

What Is SunTrust Bank?

SunTrust is a general bank with complete customer services. This bank is located in the head office in Atlanta Georgia. It has $194 billion of asset and $152 billion of deposit. With office branches locating in the southeast of Atlanta, it is able to provide prime customer services including deposit, credit, trust, security, investment, asset management, mortgage service, and funding market for all customers. This belongs to a big bank in Atlanta for any funding and financial matters.

Offering Suntrust Mortgage Customer Service

Suntrust bank offers mortgage products to the other general banks. Suntrust mortgage customer service involves being fixed interest rate, adjustable mortgage rate, funding department, federal mortgage administration, and construction to permanent lenders for customers who want to take a mortgage program. Some customers have satisfied to the offered customer service.

Before you take a Suntrust mortgage program, it is better to know and recognize all things about it including weaknesses and strengths of this mortgage lender. Mortgage rate of Suntrust bank is giving a monthly payment. This proffers fixed interest rate predicted for life lender. The interest rate of mortgage is about 3,49% with 1.692 point discount. There are no origination cost and annually percentage level for that interest rate. When you have reached up 15 years for payment, it ensures that the interest rate will be fixed for 2.8 % with point discount and no origination cost.

Adjustable mortgage rate also applies in Suntrust bank. The payment of monthly mortgage depends on the market price and not fixed for lending life. This is ideal for those who are able to pay off quick lending or plan to sell residence for coming years. Suntrust adds a loan service for big credit payment in higher level. Fixed interest rate of SunTrust is available at 3.750 % level with 1.103 point discounts. Don’t worry about origination cost. The programs of mortgage customer services and lenders are designed in such way.
Are Customers Satisfied on Suntrust Mortgage Customer Service?

Customers give one star for the customer services in Suntrust. Some people get satisfied on the offered services but some get unsatisfied. The rank is based on the average rank level about this review. There are no people giving five stars on the review of this bank. Most of the people get satisfied on this Suntrust bank is due to customer service and service lender. But, some people reports Suntrust mistakes in document lender, and property tax. Whatever the customer’s choice, you can decide the quality of Suntrust mortgage customer service.

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