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Nowadays, mortgage has became a common thing in the daily life. For some cases, it can not be separated for their life. A mortgage is a term known in economic area as a borrowing term. In short, the costumers who want to buy real estate but do not have enough money or even do not have money at all can still buy a real estate like a house or else. The lenders will lend you everything and help you o have real estate. The costumers’ real estate will be the collateral.  The costumers’ just have to buy the loan monthly to the lenders. Sometimes, the mortgage can be burdersome for some costumers. For example, a lot of them get confused about how to calculate the payment. There are many mortgage calculators exist. Santander Mortgage Calculator is one of the best.

Santander UK is the one of the bank in United Kingdom owned by the Spanish called Spanish Santander Group. It is a full service retail and commercial bank. Santander UK is one of the largest. It has more than 20,000 employees and more than 14 million active costumers. At first, there were  Abbey National plc and Bradford & Bingley plc. Then, in January 2010, Santander UK plc was created as the combination of all both. Several months later (in May 2010), Alliance & Leicester merged intothe renamed. Santander has became the favorite banks for costumers. In 2013, its product named “123” was ranked third best in Britain. Also, awarded Santarder UK for having the costumers’ satisfaction higher than the rest banks in 2014. It has so many products related to mortgage, one of them is Santander Mortgage Calculator.

Santander Mortgage Calculator

Santander Mortgage Calculator will help the costumers to compare, calculate, and make a planning with one simple online tools. It does not matter if it is a new costumer or not, Santander Mortgage Calculator will be there to help. How to use Santander Mortgage Calculator? First, the costumers must go to the search engine and go to  There are a lot of menus. Find Mortgage menu between Loans and ISAs & Savings menu. Costumers will find Calculators and guides. Click Mortgage calculators and tools.  There, you will see about seven menus using red and white calculator and mose icons. Choose want you need. There is “How much could I borrow” to get an indication of how much you could borrow by answering some questions. “Compare our mortgages”  will help ythe costumers to compare several types of mortgages suit you the best. “Change to my existing mortgage” will explain about the mortgage payment if you ever decide to change the term, the payment method or both. You can also see any detail about the payment. In “How much extra I can borrow?”, the costumers will know whether they can get an additional loan and how much the amount of extra they can get. All of the processes will be calculated using this Santander Mortgage Calculator and will be well explained by it.

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