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RBS Mortgage Calculator is part of the RBS. RBS is an abbreviation of Royal Bank of Scotland. It is one of the retail banking. The bank has many branches mainly in Scotland, England, and Wales.

RBS Mortgage Calculator has several kind of calculators. There are “How much I could borrow” calculator, “Mortgage rate finder” calculator, and “Agreement in Principle” calculator. “How much I could borrow calculator” is used when you are the beginner who are looking at some properties or real estates and having an intention to take a mortgage. Since you are the beginnger and new to this kind of term, you need a guidance to the range of property that suit you the best. Ho wo use get to this calculator? The first step you should do is go to its official website in http://personal.rbs.co.uk/. There, you will find several menus. Click Personal, click Products. Move your cursor to Mortgages and you will find several menus. Pick “How much can I borrow?” Click it. “How much can I borrow?” calculator will give the idea of how much you can borrow from Royal Bank of Scotland. The illustration of the calculator is based on your income, your spending, and the value of the property you are considering to have. Complete all of the columns and click Calculate.

When you are looking at a property or a real estate and wanting to know about the estimate monthly payments, “Mortgage rate finder” calculator provided by RBS Mortgage Calculator is the right one. The steps to get there is the same as above, except that you should pick Mortgage calculator & rate finder instead. It is the  one in the bellow page with navy calculator icon. This calculator helps the customers to search the range of the mortgages. Its great range of deals are very easy to see. In this page, fill all of the column. There is a column for the question whether you are the first time buyer, want to do Buy to Let Remotgaging to RBS, want to move your house, want to take Buy to Let a Property, or want to do Remotgaging RBS. Fill also the coulumn about the term of the mortgage. The maximal length of the loan is 35 years. You can take how long your mortgage will be. There are also columns like Property Value, and Your Deposit. Fill it all in Poundsterling and click the buttom Search for a mortgage. The calculator will help you to find the right mortgage that suit you the best. The last one is “Agreement in Principle” calculator. This is used when you have found a property or a real estate and need an indication of the amount you need to borrow. The way to get there is still the same as the both. You only just have to pick Get An Agreement in Principle menu. Complete all of the steps for about five minutes and everything is done. Every calculator from RBS Mortgage Calculator has different function. It is all easy.

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