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In this era, a loan is a common thing in this life. It does not taboo anymore to talk about the loan. One of the kinds of loans is a mortgage. There are many mortgages. Among those tons of mortgages, Post Office Mortgages is best. Post Office Mortgages is a mortgage that provided by Bank of Ireland UK.

Why Post Office Mortgages? It is the most trusted brand in the nation. It is a reliable and relevant brand. It is a world class one. Because of its passionate people, it inspires everyone and continues to make the innovation. In addition, serving the customers better and caring to them are a must for them. The spirit and the passion are the ones that make it float.

How to get to Post Office Mortgages? First, go to its official website in You will find some menus. Click Money and then click Mortgages. All the menus related to mortgage you might want to know are there along with their icons. There are Fixed Rate Mortgages, Tracker Mortgages, Buy to Let Mortgage, Affordability Calculator, Repayment Calculator, and Exciting Customers. What are those? Fixed Rate Mortgages, Tracker Mortgages, and Buy to Let Mortgages are classified as term of mortgages. Each of them has their plus and minus with their different purposes. In Fixed Rate Mortgages, the monthly payment of the loan will stay the same for a set period. The Tracker Mortgages suits the customers who do not mind when the mortgage payments are fluctuating. Also, the interest rate could go either up or down. As for the Buy to Let Mortgages, it is similar with the two but a bit different. Buy to Let Mortgages usually used by a landlord. It defines as making a loan to buy a real estate like a house just like the common mortgages. The different is that the purpose of it. While the common mortgages buy a real estate to own it, the Buy to Let Mortgage uses it for a rent. How to know which one is better? Before making a decision, it is better to calculate it first.  You can use Post Office Mortgages calculator to know how much you will be able to borrow. Of course, it is based on your financial commitments and your income. There is the minimum household income for a residential mortgage. It is £20,000. You just have to fill the columns. Those are number of adults, number of children, mortgage term (in year), applicant annual incomes, and monthly outgoings. Fill them all and then click calculate. Before deciding the kind of mortgages and applying an online application, remember that you have to review the products above, consider everything, consult to the experts, or talk to Post Office Mortgage’s employees by send a mail/e-mail, call the call centre, or visit its branches. Just pick the one which suit you the best. After making a decision about which mortgage suits you the best, you can calculate your monthly repayments using Post Office Mortgage Repayment Calculator.

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