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Natwest Mortgage Tracker is one of Natwest Mortgage services. It allows the customers to check the current status of your any type of mortgages and the progress of it. It is based on online, so the customers do not need to reply the call from the lender’s side directly. This application usually can be used in 48 hours after you are completing the mortgage application. This means, you can’t use this application when you are a newbie in less than 48 hours.
To get the access from Natwest Mortgage Tracker application, you can go to Click Personal, find Mortgages, and pick Track My Mortgage. Basically, it only three steps to start tracking your application online. First, make sure that your mortgage can be checked because not all the mortgages can be tracked. The example is Offset Mortgage. Just make a call to the employee of the Natwest Mortgage if you need an update about your mortgage. The second one is go get the reference number. You will get this number on the correspondence that has been sent to. The last step is Log-in and Track it. To log-in to track your application status, you need to fill the empty columns. The columns require the information such as mortgage reference number, your date of birth, and your real name. After filling all the columns, do not forget to click Log-in in the below part. Then, it will take you to the main page of Natwest Mortgage Tracker.

There, you can see the progress of your mortgage. You can see anything related to your mortgages, including your Natwest Mortgage rates you choose. You can check the progress of your mortgage throughout the period until it is completed. Click log out when you done checking. Do not worry, you still can check the progress of your mortgage again later.

You might face any problem when you are trying to log-in to Natwest Mortgage Tracker. Remember, this mortgage tracker can be used after 48 hours of submitted. If you still get any difficulties, better check several things such as: 1. Make sure that you are using tbe right reference number. Re-check your mortgage reference number on your confirmation email or your offer documents; 2. Make sure that you are not ‘locked out”. Your Natwest Mortgage Tracker will be locked for 12 hours if you fail to log-in more than five times. If this happens, try again or call the customers services; 3. Make sure you choose the right mortgage to track. You can track your fixed rate mortgage or tracker rate mortgagr but you cannot use tracker for Offset mortgage; 4. Make sure that your browser os fine. Natwest Mortgage Tracker will only work using the up-to-date browsers such as Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. The earlier version browsers can be used to open it; 5. Make sure that you make the access in the right time. It is not available between 5 a.m. to 7 a.m. Enjoy the best online mortgage tracker called Natwest Mortgage Tracker.

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