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Do you look for any information about Nationstar? Do you search Nationstar Wiki to dig information about Nationstar? Here, we are going to give you some information about Nationstar. Nationstar Mortgage is a mortgage company that was built in 1994. The headquarter is in Dallas, Texas and it is controlled by Fortress Investment Group. Nationstar Mortgage supplies the services of the ownership of home throughout the United States and Xome. It also supplies technology and data solution that are enhanced to the market of real estate and companies engaged in the basis and servicing of mortgage loans. Nationstar mortgage has more than 7,700 employees. It also has servicing more than $473 billion and it has more than 2.9 million customers. These achievements make Nationstar be one of the biggest mortgage servicers in the United States.

In the beginning, when the company was built in 1994 the name of the company is Nova Credit Corporation and it was located in Denver, Colorado. Then, the company moved to Dallas, Texas in 1997. There, homebuilder Centex Homes set up Nova Credit Corporation as their lender which is in-house for new construction and it was changed the name of the company into Centex Credit Corporation. Then, Centex Credit Corporation was incorporated into Centex Home Equity Company and it ran as the subprime mortgage initiator and the provider mortgage services for Center until 2005. Centex Homes determined to close all of its non homebuilding businesses, non-core, which includes the business of mortgage. In 2006, Centex Home Equity was obtained by Fortress Investment Group and changed the name to be Nationstar Mortgage. And the latest information is that Nationstar will change the name again as Mr. Cooper in August 2017.

Nationstar supplies solutions and services as well which relates to home buyers, homeowners, home sellers, investors, and the other participants of real estate market. Nationstar has several offices that spread in the United States. The locations are in Dallas in Texas, Buffalo in New York, Chandler in Arizona, Highlands Ranch in Colorado, Irvine of California and Chennai in India. Nationstar is one of the biggest independent loan servicers in the United States with a track record that is demonstrated of excellent asset performance. The servicing portofolio of Nationstar are subservicing, purchased mortgage servicing assets, and servicing through loan origination. Nationstar also run a loan origination platform that is integrated. We derive main agency and government which conform residential mortgage loans. You do not have to worry because Nationstar has license to start residential mortgage loans in D.C. and 49 states. Xome has some services such as real estate exchange, close, title, escrow, valuation and asset management services.

As mentioned above that Nationstar will change its brand into Mr. Cooper. It is a significant step in the journey of Nationstar company to transform the experience of customer. By changing the name, hopefully, Nationstar will be the great home loan experience for the customers. Okay, that’s all the information that relates to Nationstar Wiki, you can visit the website of Nationstar company to find out more about Nationstar.

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