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Mortgage has become one of the most well known things in United States. Thanks to monetary crisis, nowadays, almost everyone knows the term of mortgage. What is mortgage exactly? Mortgage is an economic term to call the borrowing system to purchase the house. It works like a common loan. Usually, you have to pay the monthly payments to pay your over all mortgage. Apparently, the system of the payments is different, depends on the mortgage you take. So, study it first before taking one.

Speaking about mortgage in the United States, there is such a big name company. It is called Nationstar Mortgage. We cannot excluded this mortgage company from the list. Nationstar Mortgage is considered as on of the biggest mortgages in the United States. It is also counted one of the most trusted mortgages. Nationstar Mortgage has been awarded as the number one non bank best services and also got five stars given by Fannie Mae. Another proof is this company has more than 2.9 million customers in the United States.

Nationstar Mortgage was formed in Colorado in 1994. Right now, Nationstar Mortgage is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Nationstar Mortgage has spread its wings to every places in the United States. As the work places for more than 7000 employees, Nationstar Mortgage has build offices and branches in many cities, the big or the small one. those offices and branches are also build for all the customers of Nationstar Mortgage. So, for those who live in the small city, do not have to worry because Nationstar Mortgage reaches every place possible. Aside for the main building and some offices and branches, there are some major outposts of Nationstar Mortgage. those major outposts are located in Buffalo, New York; Highlands Ranch, Colorado; Irvine, California; Chandler, Arizona; and even Chennai, India.

Everything seems so perfect for Nationstar Mortgage. The awards or the achievements, the customers, the employees, and the offices and branches are completed. Nationstar Mortgage has everything except for one thing. What is it? The answer is Nationstar University.

Nationstar University is a thing mostly a program related to the education. As you know, education is one of the necessary things in this entire world. Nationstar University will be an important thing as the commitment of Nationstar Mortgage to make the education higher. Nationstar University can be worked by collaborating with some some colleges, some universities, and and some research centers. It can make the global partnership if it is possible.

Nationstar University is such a smart move as the feed back to the communities Nationstar Mortgage serves. It can expand the opportunities of the education through the college readiness, science, culture, technology, engineering, mathematics, the research of faculty, social impacts, internships, study aboard, service learning, entrepreneurship, global workshop, and so on.

Nationstar Mortgage can invest some amount of funds to Nationstar University. Spending money for such a good cause will not harm Nationstar Mortgage. by doing the good thing, Nationstar Mortgage is in hope to get bigger each day.

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