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Are you a new customer of Nationstar? Selecting Nationstar as your helper to make your dream of home ownership come true is the right decision. Why? Because Nationstar commit to give you less worrisome and more rewarding mortgage experience. During you ask a help of mortgage company, perhaps you will find a hard time where you can not pay the payment. Then, what happen if we do Nationstar skip a payment?

If you can not pay your mortgage payment in the deadline because your finance get tight, actually you can pay after the deadline where you will not be asked for penalty fee and it is called grace period. Grace period is several days after deadline that are provided by the mortgage company to give the customers time to make a payment without asking penalty fee. But, if you pay more than the grace period, you will be asked to pay the penalty fee. If you are late more than 30 days which means you skip a payment, your credit will take a nose dive. If you are late with credit card, it will affect to your credit. But, because your mortgage is such a big loan, if you are late is disastrous for your score.

We can not ignore that sometimes we face financial crisis and it affects to our payment to the mortgage company so that we can not pay on time. If you experience that and you think that you can not pay on time, you can call the agent of Nationstar to 888-480-2432. The agent of Nationstar will help you and will do everything to understand your situation and work out an arrangement for getting you back on track.

Actually, if you fall behind on your mortgage, there are a lot of helpful options that can make you get back on track. You need to fill out one general application and if you have finished it with all supporting documents, the agent of Nationstar will determine the best option for your situation. The options are refinancing, repayment, loan modification, short sale, and deed in lieu. To refinance, your account has to be current for the past six months and there can not be more than one late payment on your record over the past 12 months. If you experience a temporary hardship like a big medical bill or drop in your small business revenue, you can do repayment. Nationstar will spread the sum of your late amount due over a manageable time frame. If you face a long term hardship, loan modification is the best choice. It keeps the existing loan and changes the term. We will search a way to reduce your monthly payment. It can lower your interest rate or extend the time frame of loan so we can lower payment every month. Short sale can permit you to sell your home for less than you owe on the mortgage. Another alternative to a short sale is Deed in Lieu of foreclosure. It means, you will transfer your home ownership to your lender.

So, to avoid Nationstar skip a payment, it is better for you to consult to us by calling to our helpful agent.

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