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Nationstar is a mortgage company in the United States that has dedicated to the customers more than 2 decades. Nationstar’s headquarter is in Dallas, Texas. Besides, Nationstar also has the other offices that can service the customers including in Buffalo in New York, Chandler in Arizona, Highlands Ranch in Colorado, Irvine in California and Chennai in India.

Is there Nationstar online banking? Okay, for doing payments in Nationstar, you can do that by selecting several options that are provided by Nationstar. The first is online payment. By online payment, you can use AutoPay where it will cut off your monthly payment in the similar date every month from checking, savings or money market account. Then, you can also create a non-recurring one time payment. You can see Smart Calendar that denotes the things that you have to know such as your due date, grace period, and the other things. Grace period is several days that is provided after the official due date where we still accept payment without counting it as a late payment. But, if you pay more than those days, it will be counted as late payment and you will be asked for some late fees. If you want to conduct AutoPay or do a one time online payment, just fill in the account and routing number of your preferred savings account or checking. If you do not have idea about your account number and routing number, you are able to sign in to your account on your bank’s website. There, you will find the number of both. If you want to do online payment, do not forget that you have to possess an account at Nationstar. But, if you have had an account, you can sign in directly using your username and your password. If you do not have account yet, you can create an account and you have to fill in your loan number, social security number that consist of 9 digits (you are able to fill in your Tax identification Number as well), and property zip code.

Beside via online payment, you can also do your payment by mail and phone. By mail, you have to prepare coupon and check or money order. The coupon contains of your latest monthly statement. Then, insert both of them into envelope with a stamp on it and address to Nationstar Mortgage LLC P.O. Box 650783 Dallas, TX 75265-0783. Payment method via mail can take several days. But, you do not need to worry because the date we receive the mail will be your official payment date.

Another method of payment that is used by Nationstar is by phone. For example, you are very busy and it makes you do not have time to visit our office or even doing payment via online, you can make an automated phone payment by calling to 888-480-2432 and follow the instructions. Or you can talk to our customer support by calling to the same number. Besides, Western Union Quickcollect and Moneygram Expresspayment also can be your choice for paying at Nationstar.

That’s all the description about Nationstar online banking. Hopefully, this information will be helpful and informative.

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