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It is such a must for a company to divide the employees into several teams. The purpose of it is to make the works easier and does not make the employees to do all the jobs and divide their attentions. With the existence of the term so called department, all the employees can focus on their own tasks.  Each of them will be united with others and will be placed in the several departments. Usually, a big company has several departments. The bigger the scale of the company, the more departments. Each department has its own duty. It is different from one to another. All the employee in the same department have to team up to reach the goal of the department. In the economic field, a company (a mortgage for instance) usually has some departments such as Insurance Department, Claims Department, Lost Draft Department, Foreclosure Department, Reo Department, Escrow Department, and Research Department.

As one of the mortgages and a part of economic industry, Nationstar Mortgage has all the departments above. Nationstar Mortgage can be counted as one of the nation’s largest servicers. This mortgage lender is located in Lewisville, Texas. With the title as the most trusted company, Nationstar Mortgage has more than 2.9 million customers and over 6.700 employees in some places, especially in the United States. All the employees are spread to work in several offices that owned by the company. The locations include Dallas (Texas), Irvine (California), Buffalo (New York) Highlands Ranch (Colorado), Chandler (Arizona), and even Chennai (India).

One of the most important departments in Nationstar Mortgage is Research Department.  The task of Research Department is to evaluate all the securities and other vehicles of the investment. Employees in this department have a contribution to determine about the securities and the investment vehicles which worthy to recommend to the clients, brokers, and other parties. Other than that, research department will also develop the strategies that related to the investment. All the strategies will be developed depend on the current and future conditions of the market. In order to develop the good strategies, the technical analysis, fundamental analysis, and other techniques may be used. How to get to Nationstar Mortgage Research Department?

In case you want to authorize the 3rd party or to verify the balance of your existing mortgage, monthly payments, and late payments, you can get in touch with Research Department. To make it easier, you can send a fax. What is the Nationstar Mortgage Research Department fax number?

The first thing you should do to discover Nationstar Mortgage Research Department fax number is by visiting its official website in In the front page, please scroll down your mouse and find the Broker and Agent Services menu in the bottom page. Click the menu and find 3rd Party Authorization. There, you can see that the fax number is 972-459-1611.

For your information, before sending a fax  to Nationstar Mortgage Research Department fax number, you have to download the form and fill it out by the hand. Complete it and sign it. Then, send the scanned by fax.

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