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Nationstar mortgage company is an experienced company that has operated more than 2 decades. For those years of dedication, Nationstar has always grown and developed the services in the name of the satisfaction of customers.

Then, how to do Nationstar Mortgage make a payment? Here, we are going to explain about that. If you want to make a payment in Nationstar, there are several methods that you can choose and is best for you. The first method is Online Payment. The sophisticated technology including the existence of internet make every matters of yours become so simple and easy. Online method of loan payment in Nationstar consists of two types. They are Auto Pay and One-time Payment. What are the differences between them? Auto pay means your monthly payment will be gotten from your savings, checking or money market account that you have chosen. The deduction will be done at the same date of each month.You can easily set up Auto Pay via your account at Nationstar’s website. It is free and you can cancel anytime. Another choice of online payment is One-time payment. You can check out our Smart Calendar that will show you about the deadline of payment , grace period and many more. This will avoid you from forgetting the deadline. Even tough you remember the deadline and you do not pay yet, there is grace period where you can do payment after the deadline without paying the penalty. But, you have to make sure how long the grace period is. Because if you pay more than the grace period, you will have to pay the penalty.

Beside paying online, you can also pay your loan at Nationstar using Mail. To do payment via mail, you have to write a check or get a money order that is payable to Nationstar Mortgage. Then, get your latest monthly statement and get the coupon. Input the check or money order and the coupon as well into an envelope with a stamp on it and send it to:

Nationstar Mortgage LLC

P.O. Box 650783

Dallas, TX 75265-0783.

Perhaps you are worried because doing payment via mail will take several days.You do not need to worry because the date that we receive it is the official payment date.

You can also Nationstar Mortgage make a payment by Phone. For some reasons you can not do payment online or via the other ways. You can simply call 888-480-2432 and follow the instructions to make an automated payment. You will be asked your account number and the last four digits of your Social Security number. There are also the other two options of payment. You can pay via Western Union and Moneygram Expresspayment. Western Union can ensure that the payment is sent and received in the same day. You will need your name and loan number. You will also have to fill in this:

Pay to: Nationstar Mortgage LLC

Code : ASTAR

State : TX

Paying via Moneygram Expresspayment, beside filling in your name and your loan number, you will be asked for a code receive of Moneygram. The code is 1678.

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