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Have you ever heard about the NationStar mortgage? Well, you would be in your loss if you haven’t heard about this mortgage company. NationStar can be said to be one among the leading mortgage companies that give the best deals for their clients. Not only do they offer low fixed rate but also reliable and trusted Nationstar Mortgage customer service. Customer service is a crucial factor that every company has to provide. In this case, the customer service is available 6 days a week and always ready to help with everything you need.

The customer service can be reached both through Nationstar Mortgage phone number and mailing address. Through the customer service, you can talk to the professionals to ask anything about mortgage provided by NationStar. You can ask for a quote or simply ask about the requirements to apply for the mortgage.

The customer service is available to be contacted from Monday to Saturday. On Monday to Saturday, it is available to answer any questions and fulfill any need you have starting from 8 AM to 8 PM. And if you need to make a call on Friday, they are available from 8 AM to 5 PM. But if you want to contact them on Saturday, you can do it between 8 AM to 2 PM only. Have you kept the Nationstar Mortgage customer service number? Here it is 888-711-2432. You should not hesitate to make a call for anything you want to ask. This company’s customer service never disappoints especially upon urgent matters.

If the Nationstar Mortgage customer service phone number is not an option for you to make a contact, feel free to contact the company through mailing address. The mailing address is P.O BOX 619098, in Dallas, Texas 75261-9741. Through this address, you can send or ask anything you have in your mind. It also includes if you have something to ask regarding your billing payment.

Professional and reliable customer service is not the only great thing about this company. NationStar offers the basic thing of a good mortgage. It is the low fixed rate for the 30 year mortgage. Fixed rate is definitely the best option for mortgage loan clients. It’s because it allows you to afford a house at lower price. It also gives you the same amount of payment you have to make every month. So, it will not be something that is hard for you to make.

And even more, the NationStar also provides easy and fast online payment method through AutoPay which is a particular method created by this company. This online payment method makes the monthly payment so much easier to handle. And since it can be linked to your checking or bank account, it can withdraw the payment automatically from your account. Besides AutoPay, the company also allows payment through Western Union. To make this payment, use this address to pay for the payment: NationStar mortgage LLC, with code ASTAR and state TX. Then, your payment will reach the NationStar company’s account within only a few seconds.

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