Nationstar Mortgage Claim Packet

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Nationstar Mortgage Claim Packet has eight pages. The claim packet consists of  several information related to your claim. when you are receiving this, it means that your notification about your ruined property or real estate has been received by Nationstar Mortgage. With this claim packet, Nationstar Mortgage is ready to help you to get the funds of your insurance claim. Nationstar Mortgage will try the best way to process it easily and quickly.

After you got one Nationstar Mortgage Claim Packet, prepare some documents in order to speed up the processing of your claim. Those required documents including Endorse Insurance Claim Check (This is from your company of the insurance as the payment for the damages of your property or real estate), Insurance Company Adjuster’s Worksheet (It is known as the Adjuster’s Estimate, Adjuster’s Summary, Scope of Repairs. All the page must be returned in order to complete the Adjuster’s Worksheet), Signed Contract or Proposal (Basically, it is the contract between you and the contractor. Two of you have to sign the document), Contractor Waiver of Lien (This is should be done by the contractor. This is the closed form. The signed contract must have the same amount with the amount of the Contractor Waiver of Lien), Internal Revenue W-9 (This form is just like a tax form. It is needed to identify the contractor), and Copy of the Contractor’s License (This document comes from the licensing board to your contractor. Make sure to have a copy of this document).

When the funds are ready and all the documents have been verified, the initial check will be released and made payable to some parties like you, the contractor, and all the payees listed. For your information, the amount of your initial check depends on your loan. It will be good if it is in good standing. To get the next claim check, you have to complete half of your repairs. There is an inspection that must be done to verify this. When the inspection done, the second check will be released. Then, whet should you do?

To get your first check, send all the documents. The documents can be send through the regular mail, the overnight mail, or fax. The regular mail address is Lost Drafts Department PO Box 6501 Springfield, OH 45501, the address of the overnight mail is Loss Drafts Department One Assurant Way Springfield, OH 45505. When you decide to sent one by fax, the address is Lost Drafts Department Attn: Nationstar 866-411-8857.

In case you have any questions related to Nationstar Mortgage claim packet, please make a call to the Insurance Center of Nationstar Mortgage at 866-825-9302 on Monday-Thursday, Friday, and Saturday on the operation time.

While page one until three page consist of the explanation and the information, the rest of the pages consist of the form that should be completed by you as the borrower and the contractor. Do not forget to put your sign all the required documents because it will make it legal.

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