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The Nationstar master servicing is the solution for residential mortgage loan for over than 13 years. This is a core part of the Nationstar company that has expanded into other potential markets including student loan, commercial loan and foreign asset loan. Just like other parts of the company, the Master Servicing has been professionally managed and developed by the company to a point where it is now possible to offer vast array of loan products. This is what the customers love, more varying loan products. With the high demand from the market for commercial and student loan, Nationstar has been working with more and more clients every year.

Supported by professional staffs and experts, the Master Servicing has been being able to provide the best and most reliable services for every client. Thanks to industry best practices and high end technology that Master Servicing is able to customize the investor service solution. Customization is crucial in terms of addressing the evolving customers’ need to protect their investment. In other words, you will get a customized loan based on your need. This will more effectively target your needs. So the loan will be used at the best possible ways.

The core Nationstar Master Servicing comes with transparency and stability with all the clients’ securitization and loan platforms. This is done through proactive approach to clients’ portfolio administration. Its core services include expertise services in portfolio balancing, loan boarding, oversight an also investor reporting. Nationstar has always been making sure about the supporting environment through multiple balances and checks. This is all done through utilization of independent calcucations, manual reviews and data integrity edits in order to monitor the reporting of the servicers.

The Shadow master servicing on the other hand comes with the same approach of the Core Master Servicing. But, the approach is parallel to other Master Servicer. However, the approach doesn’t impact the cash flow. If you become the Nationstar clients, you will be given choice to choose between the sample basis and entire platform basis for Shadow Master Servicing. The platform itself is necessary to monitor the record of the Master Servicer.

Meanwhile, the portfolio accounting system of the Nationstar Master Servicing will create the journal entries regarding the loan level that are compatible with the systems of the general ledger. Clients will be able to access daily, weekly and also monthly based customized and standard reports provided by the accounting staff and expertise. There is also another great thing about this service is that the availability of regular tracking of the outstanding loan level advances. This is basically an important part of the accounting process. It can still be performed even though the loan has been sold or transferred. It is important to make sure that you as the client have the ability in recovering any advances when it is possible.

Besides the available of Master Servicing products, clients are also offered with conveniences in making payments. You and other clients can make payment through Western Union using the official Nationstar Mortgage LLC address in Texas.

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