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In this modern era, insurance has became a main priority. Everyone insures everything they owned. Everything that has a value can get the insurance if you want. For instance, your body, your real estate, and so on. Rihanna even insures its legs. Your belongings are necessary for you, so does an insurance. An insurance is needed to protect your valuable hings.

Insurance is defined as a contract that has a policy. In the insurance related to mortgage, an individual or a group receives a financial protection or a kind of return against losses from the company. Some of you might thing that insurance just a bunch of papers, passwords, and premiums. It is wasting your money and useless.

Actually, an insurance is important. For those people who live in the danger areas must understand it clearly. If you take a mortgage such as Nationstar Mortgage and something ever hits to your real estate or your property, you must feel broken and confused. You do not have to worry if your real estate or property has been insured. Nationstar Mortgage will solve all of things, including the costs of the repairs. For your information, the amount of insurance you will get are depend on the type of insurance and your situation. Nationstar Mortgage owns several kinds of insurance. Those are Flood Insurance, Wind storm or Hurricane Insurance, Subsidence Insurance, and Homeowner Association (or  HOA) Insurance.

When something like disaster damages your real estate or your property, you should contact your insurance company and get the claim check. Then, if you get one, please make a call to Nationstar Lost Draft Department to learn more about it. The number of it is 866-825-9302. Instead of that, you can also make a visit to www.insuranceclaimcheck.comto get inform related to your situation and the steps you should take. In its official website of Nationstar Mortgage,, you can discover Lost Draft Claim Package.

In Lost Draft Claim Package, it explained that you need some documents to be filled out and returned to the Nationstar Lost Draft Department. Those are Intent to Repair Document, Insurance Company Adjuster’s Worksheet, Signed Contract or Proposal, conditional Waiver of Lien, Contractor’s License or Bond, Insurance Draft, Building Permits, Certificate of Completion, Contactor’s W-9.

If you want to ask a question, feel free to call the Nationstar Lost Draft Department at the number above. It is available between 09.00 a.m. until 06.00 p.m. EST. If you want to send a document via fax, send it to 1-866-411-8857. Be sure to include your loan number on the fax. In addition, please mail all the check and correspondence to Nationstar Mortgage LLC Attn: Loss Drafts P.O. Box 6501 Springfield, OH 45501 – 6501 for regular mail and Nationstar Mortgage LLC Attn: Loss Drafts 1 Assurant Way Springfield, OH 45505 for overnight mail.

All the processes of getting claim check and insurance are easy if you follow the steps well. Make sure to always get in touch with the Nationstar Lost Draft Department and the customer service of Nationstar.

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