Nationstar Hecm Acquisition Trust

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HECM stands for Home Equity Conversion Mortgage. It does not work as the common traditional refinance. HECM allows you to convert the equity of your real estate or property to the cash. As note, there is the minimum age. You will be eligible for this reverse mortgage if you are at least 62 years old. The amount is based on estimated value of the real estate or property. The borrower is allowed to borrow some amount of money against the equity in the real estate or property. There is no payments is needed until the borrower moves permanently or cannot live in the house for 12 months, when the house is sold, or when the borrower dies. At this point, the mortgage must be repaid.

Almost all of the mortgage has Hecm. It includes Nationstar Mortgage. In each process, sometimes a problem or a misunderstanding happens between two parties or more. It is normal in this field. A party reports another one to the authorities so that they can get the justice. Related to this, Nationstar Mortgage has been involved in many cases related to Nationstar Hecm which is called Nationstar Hecm Acquisition Trust.

When you look for Nationstar Hecm Acquisition Trust, there is a website that will help you to see several things about the cases. It is called Jural Index. Jural Index contains the datum related to Nationstar Hecm Acquisition Trust. In its official website, , just enter the keyword and the result page will be shown.

There are about 478,790 results appear for Nationstar Hecm Acquisition Trust. Those files are there with different case names, states, defendants, and case types. Some cases are put Nationstar Hecm Acquisition Trust as the plaintiff, while others blame Nationstar as the defendants. The opponents are come from different companies or individuals. For the company, the examples are Secretary Housing and Urban Develop, United Sates of America, and Lottie V Banks. As for the individuals, there are Browne Family, Marion J Buckley, and Josephine Morris. All of them fight for the cases related to mortgage foreclosure, property foreclosure, civil actions,  circuit civil, and other contracts. When you search for details, just click view case details button. You will get the information of the case such as the state, the county, the court, source, or jurisdiction, the case number, the disposition, the case type, the case status, the date filed, the judge, the plaintiff(s), and the defendant(s).

Let’s take about one case. It is between Nationstar Hecm Acquisition Trust against United States of America. Nationstar acts as the plaintiff and put United States of America as the defendant. The case is registered in Florida with the county Hillsborough County. It is in Division M with the case number 12-CA-002868. Nationstar’s side reports the government with the case type “Mortgage Foreclosure – Homestead – 1 – $50,000, or less.” It is the open case. The data filed on February, 22nd 2012. Senior judge of Division M takes a role as the judge.

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