Nationstar Hardship Affidavit Form

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Many customers of the mortgage such as Nationstar Mortgage must be confused if they are ever receiving the Hardship Affidavit form. What is Hardship Affidavit exactly?

According to the Mortgage Relief Project, Hardship Affidavit is the needed steps in the process of the loan modification even though when the homeowner has her or his own attorney. A Hardship Affidavit is the form which is written by the homeowner. There are about two main pieces of information that should be included on the Hardship Affidavit. The first one is the reason why the homeowner has fallen behind in the relation to the payments and the second one is how she or he will keep moving forward to pay her or his payments.

In order to make a good Hardship Affidavit, there are some simple steps you will likely to follow. Just write the relevant information which is related to the case and make sure to make it to one page. Make the request be more specific. In conclusion, make it valid by contacting the lender. Some example of Hardship Affidavit include the income loss, the separation or the divorce, the service of the military, and the expenses of medical or the illness.

For you all the customers of Nationstar Mortgage, here some description about Nationstar Hardship Affidavit form.

When you want to get the Nationstar Hardship Affidavit form, prepare your smart phone or your personal computer first. Then, open the search engine and write Nationstar Hardship Affidavit form as the keywords. Click one that is available. You can just see it or you can have it by downloading.

Nationstar Hardship Affidavit form has about five pages in total. It is untitled Home Affordable Modification Program Hardship Affidavit. In the first page, you should fill some information such as the name of the borrower plus the date of birth, the name of co-borrower plus the date of birth, the street address of the property, the city of the property along with its zip code, the servicer, the number of the loan. In order to qualify for the servicer’s offer to get into an agreement so that you can modify your loan under the federal goverment’s Home Affordable Modification Program, you should submit the form to the servicer and indicating by your checkmarks that contribute to your difficulty making the payments on your mortgage loan. You should put checkmarks in yes or no column related to some statements such as “My income has been reduced or loat”, “My household financial circumstances have changed”, and “My expenses have increased”, ”My cash reserves are insufficient to maintain the payment on my mortgage loan and cover basic living expenses at the same time.”  Both borrower and co-borrower should answer it all.

In the second page, there are some information for Government Monitoring Purpose. There are some columns available for the borrower and co-borrower to fill. Some of them are related to ethnicity, race, sex, and the interviewer. The half of page two and page three, there are about thirteen acknowledgements and agreements for the borrower and co-borrower. There, you also should fill some other information and then sign it.

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