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Nationstar Mortgage is known as one of the largest mortgages among people in he United States. This mortgage was founded in Colorado, United States in the year of 1994. Right now, the main office of the company is located in the heart of Texas area which is Dallas. Aside from Dallas, Texas, Nationstar Mortgage has major outposts in several places like in Irvine, California; Buffalo, New York; Highlands Ranch, Colorado; Chandler, Arizona’ and even Chennai India. With those places that has been spread in many places, this mortgage has more about 7000 people that were hired as the employees. In addition, Nationstar Mortgage has more than 2.9 million customers. Those amount has become a proof to claim that Nationstar Mortgage is indeed one of the largest in the United States.

Each day, Nationstar Mortgage always tries to improve its product and its services. The main reason behind it is to make all the customers satisfy in every product and service and believe in Nationstar Mortgage. As the effort to spread its wings, Nationstar Mortgage has made some acquisitions. Some of the companies that has been acquired by Nationstar Mortgage are Seneca Mortgage Servicing LLC, Champion Mortgage from Keycorp (Keybank), Experience 1, Real Estate Digital, and Greenlight Financial Services.

Greenlight Financial Services was purchased by Nationstar Mortgage in 31st, May 2013. Greenlight Financial Services is defined as a lender that has existed in the industry since 2001. Since the acquisition, Greenlight Financial Services has been known as Nationstar Greenlight. This based in Irvine, California, company provides new mortgage and refinance loans. All the term is more known as Nationstar Greenlight Loans.

Nationstar Greenlight Loans is a direct lender that claims that the new mortgage and refinance loans have great rates with fast and personalized services. To make it even better, it claims that the prequalification letter can be received the same day as the apply day. It can possibly happen with the help of the top professional of Nationstar Greenlight Loans.

What kind of loans does Nationstar Greenlight Loans have? As stated at the website of Nationstar Greenlight Loans, the lender offers some options of mortgage and refinance. Those are Fixed and Adjustable Rate, FHA, and HARP. Fixed and Adjustable Rate provide the lower interest rate and payments each month. It also has a short term along with the less interest. In addition, it allows you to pay out some of the equity in the home. FHA is god for the individuals who want the less than perfect credit. It also suits the one who wants to have lower equity when doing refinance. Meanwhile, HARP can decrease the payment or make the terms of the repayment shortened.

If you are interested in Nationstar Greenlight Loans and want to know more about it, you can contact the Nationstar Greenlight Loans customer service at 866-66-327837. You can ask the questions about the guidelines of mortgage, the rates, or anything that has relation to loans. Before you make a decision, you can calculate your incomes, your outgoings, and the loans you might take using the online calculator.

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