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Nationstar Mortgage provides some ways for the customers to make payments. The ways are by mail, phone and online. Besides that in the 1930s, there are the ways by the carrier pigeons, the accurately paper airplane and the tool pneumatic message tubes which is Nationstar Mortgage has. Now we can choose one of best and favorite way to make payments. Let’s we know and find out the ways which is the best and suitable for you.

There is the way to make payment through online payment. It is called Auto Pay. The process of auto pay is it will decrease your monthly payment on the same date each month from your savings, checking or money market account as your choice. There are many the customers who make payment by this way. They tell that making payment by this way is more simple and practically. Besides that they were glad and satisfied use auto pay because it is free. It is easy to set up and you can cancel anytime. But if you’d rather not sign up by online, so you can print and send the mail in the form.

How do you make a one-time payment? Here you can also make a non-recurring one-time payment. Do not forget to check out our handy Smart Calendar. It shows you what you need to know about your Nationstar grace period, due date and more.  In the official website of Nationstar Mortgage, there is a video about how it works and where to find it.

By the way, what is Nationstar grace period? The grace period is some of days after your official due date when Nationstar Mortgage is still accept your payment without marking it as a late. If you making payment after your grace period, so the payment counts as late and it may get some late fees. It is always be the obstacles.

How do you have your Bank account? There is the way to make a one-time online payment or auto pay. You just enter the account and routing number of your preferred checking or savings account. In the official website of Nationstar Mortgage, there is also an animation that shows you where to enter the numbers. But if you do not know your account number and routing number, so can find it by signing in to your account on your bank’s website. About the checking accounts, it is also shall at the bottom of your checks.

In other case, How if you have more than one loan? We think it is very easy to switch your loans. You can make the payment on each loan payment. You can use the handy loan switcher feature on the upper left of your main account overview page.  In the official website of Nationstar Mortgage, There is also an animation which shows you where the loan switcher is located and how it works. Based on the explaining above, we can conclude that Nationstar grace period is needed to know when you make a one-time payment.

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