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Nationstar Mortgage is one of the biggest company in United States. It was built in 1994. This company provides the best products and the best services. Nationstar Mortgage has more than 2.9 million customers in the world. To serve all of them, Nationstar Mortgage has more than 6.700 employees. All the employees are spread to all of the offices. Aside from its main office in Dallas, Texas, this based-in Dallas company has several major out-posts in different places such as in Irvine, California; Highlands Ranch, Colorado; Buffalo, New York; Chandler, Arizona; and even Chennai, India.

Chennai is one of the city in India. It is the city of the Anna Centenary Library, the Asia’s largest library. At first, Chennai was named Madras. The nickname of the city is The Detroit of South Asia as it is known for its modern auto industry. Chennai is a place for those who love beach. One of the most popular ones is Marina Beach. It is 3.7 miles long, the second-longest urban beach in the world. With such unlimited appeals, Nationstar Mortgage has decided to build an office in Chennai, India, known as Nationstar DLF Chennai.

Nationstar DLF Chennai is located in DLF IT Park, Chennai, India. Actually, this company is owned by NSM Services, a subsidiary company of Nationstar Mortgage Holdings. The company has setup a center for developing products to strengthen its presence.

Nationstar DLF Chennai has hired 300 developers in the year of 2016 and plans to hire 500 more employees this year. It includes the recruitment of engineers and managements. That year, the mortgage market in the United States is complicated. The experience of the customers has been missing. Nationstar Mortgage wants to bring that back by offering some interactive experience. Those interactive experience is developed in the Chennai facility. This center of development will be a key role in the transformation of the company in order to be the biggest home loaner in the United States. The President and CEO of Nationstar stated that the new development center in Chennai can be a representative of the long-term commitment of Nationstar to create the top products and make the customers more comfortable.

The Head of Nationstar DLF Chennai is Anand Mohanram. In DLF IT Park, he said that the team-based in Chennai will focus on data analytics and digital and mobile transformation. Nationstar Mortgage already has its own mobile app and an official website ( Both of them are still far for being perfect. The CEO even said that all of them are not user friendly.

With its mission to keep the dream of homeownership alive, Nationstar Mortgage commit to keep improving its products and services every day. Ever want to join the team? Just make a visit to Discover about the culture, benefits, teams, and jobs there. In the website, you can find the job vacancy that might suit you. Do not hesitate to find and try one. If you want to be part of making the dream of customers alive, join now!

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