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As a big mortgage company, Nationstar provides a help for you who want to have a home. With more than 7,000 employees which are spread in the United States, we can give the best service for our customers. The company of Nationstar that are spread in 4 areas in the United States such as Buffalo, Chandler, Highlands Ranch, Irvine and one in India that is in Chennai. Nationstar has almost 3 million customers and it makes the employees must work hard to handle all of customers’ problems so that the employees can give the best solution. But, during Nationstar operates for more than 20 years, of course this company has also faced a bitter thing and it makes this company have to face Nationstar demand. It can happen because some of the customers feel unsatisfied of the services that are received.

Let’s find one example. One day Nationstar received demand from one of the customers. The eviction was postponed perhaps by Nationstar until September 12. It means she (the customer) had one more week to pressure Nationstar to rescind the eviction and offered her a loan modification. If there is a bank forecloses a home, we do not only lose a neighbor but we also lose people that have helped build that neighborhood. She said that she fought for her home for 3 years, then Aurora let her believe that if she got behind, she could get a modification. They committed to rescind her foreclosure and modified the loan but a week before Aurora sold the loan to Nationstar, they told her they had changed mind and she no longer qualified. Nationstar would forward with an eviction scheduled. She is not only the victim of Nationstar mortgage but six other families in San Fransisco also stand up to this company and demand that Nationstar has to do the correct thing and offer the customers a loan modification which is fair.

That happened in 2012  and there is no information whether it is clear now or not. But, if you experience the same problem, it is better for you to talk to our customer support at 888-480-2432. Or you can send email to Sending a letter to the office of Nationstar is also can be your good choice. Now, Nationstar mortgage company has a mobile app that you can download via Google Play for free. It will make you easier in doing your payment or anything that relates to mortgage.

Because of some problems that happened in the past, Nationstar gets a lot of lessons and it makes this company become stronger now and it becomes more professional in handling the mortgage problems of customers. For your information, in August 2017, Nationstar will change the name into Mr. Cooper. It is an important step forward in the company’s two year transformation so that the process of home ownership will be more rewarding and less worrisome for the 3 million customers of Nationstar. Hopefully, Nationstar will be a better mortgage company so that it will not face Nationstar demand anymore.

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