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Recently there are mortgage department who provides home loan. That is your choice to choose where you purchase a home loan. Lucky, you will know one of the best mortgage department in United States. Know it! It is Nationstar Mortgage department. Yeah My Nationstar Mortgage welcome we are very happy to you if you can be the customer of Nationstar Mortgage. We are really looking forward to working with you. We here as the largest non-bank mortgage servicer in U.S.A. We are focused on making your mortgage experience less worrisome and more rewarding. Since 1994, we had help about hundreds of thousands of people realize their homeownership dreams. Now, we are able to have the opportunity to do the same for you.

My Nationstar Mortgage welcome in this opportunity we will know you the company overview. Nationstar Mortgage is headquarter in Dallas, Texas area and was founded in 1994. It is with major outposts in Irvine, California; Buffalo, New York; Chandler, Arizona; Highlands Ranch, CO; and Chennai, India. Nationstar Mortgage has the offices amount ninety offices which all over the United States of America (USA). Nationstar Mortgage has over 2.9 million customers as of December 31, 2016. NationstarMortgage provides the best quality servicing and origination for homeowners throughout the United States. It is a recognized leader in the mortgage industry with the experience approximately over two decades. It has been awarded for its remarkable services by Fanny Mae.

My Nationstar Mortgage welcome we have the mission, we exist to keep the dream of home ownership alive. If you are interested to take a home loan from Nationstar Mortgage, first you need to make an account at their website. Nationstar Mortgage has the official website it is From that website you can get more detail information about Nationstar Mortgage. There are explain detail about types of home loan services which offered by Nationstar Mortgage. There is also explain about home loan calculator (mortgage payment calculator, mortgage payoff calculator, home affordability calculator, refinancing calculator, rent vs. Buy calculator). Therefore, you can choose the right home loan for you and calculate how much you need to pay for it.

In addition, to make easy the customer to manage their home loan anytime and anywhere, Nationstar Mortgage also has the application mobile. Nationstar Mortgage mobile is designed very simple and many function. The features of Nationstar Mortgage mobile are check the loan balance, the next payment and other important loan, download statements and other account documents. It is make the customer easy to do a payment with a single swipe. In Nationstar Mortgage mobile also you can see your FICO, score and key factors affecting it.

Are you ready to be a customer of Nationstar Mortgage? Yeah, we think this mortgage department  is a great solution for you who want to buy or refinance home. With Nationstar Mortgage, purchasing a home is no longer impossible. To ask more detail, you can contact the customer service of Nationstar Mortgage, you can call them at 888- 480-2432.

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