How Much Would My Mortgage Be

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As you are older, you have to admit that you will need many solutions that will help you to solve your problem. You have to know where to live after graduated. It is obvious that you do not want to stay at your parents’ house forever. If you have this kind of thought, it is better for you to think about buying a house. If you already get your payment, it is not a problem to buy a house. I can assure that you will get your house in such a short time. Here, I will tell you how to buy your first house in a short time.

When I was graduated, I already lives in a small house I rented with my wife. At first, I felt comfortable living there. However, it was getting tiring to collect more money every month to pay the rent. Therefore, I thought to buy my own house. After discussing the matter with my wife, we decided to apply for mortgage. At that time, we were not sure with how much would my mortgage be. Well, since it was my very first mortgage, we decided to give it a go. Surprisingly, the process is not that complicated.

How Much Would My Mortgage Be
Payment for Every Month

I went to a lender which is reputable. I asked recommendation from my friends and family. I still did not know how much would my mortgage be at that time. When i visited this lender, they kept asking several questions in the relation with my assets. At first, they asked how much money I earned in a month and asked me to prove it. Therefore, I showed them the paycheck I got. In my case, I showed the last 6 months of my paycheck. Besides, I also showed them the other additional income in my family. Here, I used my wife’s paycheck.

First Mortgage is Easier

Another thing that they asked me to show is if I had credit before. Thankfully, it was my first mortgage so there is no bad credit record. Since there is no bad credit, the company asked how many assets I have at that time. I showed them the bank statements that I have. Thankfully, my parents also gave me a small land in the countryside. Therefore, I told them as well. It is quite helpful if we have assets since it will be easier for the lender to approve our request. I think the reason of my mortgage to be accepted is because of my assets.

Determining My Mortgage

One more thing, when I was asked about my income, it will also determine how much money I should pay them every month. Besides determining how much would my mortgage be they also let me know the interest rate as well. Thankfully, after short process, they let me to get the mortgage to buy the house that I want. Now, I already lived in my own house. The good thing is my mortgage is almost paid off. I just need few more months and I can live my life without a debt anymore.

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