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Are you looking for one of the best mortgage payment companies in the country? Then you should visit Franklin American mortgage login page right away. You will be enlightened with useful information especially if you want to know more about Franklin American mortgage payments. In today’s article, we will share you about several payments tips in this company and the company itself.

Quick tips of how to pay mortgage faster

For those who are curious how to pay mortgage faster and shaving a year or probably even more years in Franklin American mortgage payments, you should follow these tips. These tips can help you to pay your loan term quickly. They are including:

  • Dump any lump of sum payment

You should consider dumping every lump of the sum payment. For example a $1000 tax refund, dividends from another investment and work bonus in the mortgage you have. All of those big lump sums can help you cutting years that worth of interest off your loan term.

  • Adjust mortgage repayments with your income

If your income is paid fortnightly, then you should make the payment of your mortgage fortnightly too. By doing this, you can cut down on your interest payable. It will also save a lot of your money over your home loan.

  • Keep your repayments of mortgage at the same level

Keeping the mortgage repayment to be at the same level with what you were paying before can help you cutting down up to two years of your loan. You can pay an extra payment from $20 to $40 on every payment.

  • Check your mortgage or re-financing

In the future, it is possible when you realize that the loan you have is not suitable for you anymore. The interest rates maybe change drastically or your loan is superseded which is better for you to leave all of that instead of fixing it. That’s why it is vital to look at to your re-financing to make sure if it is still in the same lender or different one.

Franklin American Mortgage Payment

The privacy of the company

In order to let you know the company’s high priority it has especially in protecting privacy of Franklin American mortgage payments, it is important for you to be aware of its principles. The principles are including when the company is maintaining, collecting, safeguarding and using information about every relationship with its customer. They are including:

  • It strives to maintain detail information of the customer that is both complete and accurate.
  • It respects and recognizes each customer’s expectation that his or her privacy will be protected and remained confidential.
  • It collects and uses customer’s information that is needed related to legitimate business purposes
  • It maintains security measures that can protect information of the access to and disclosure about customers.
  • It aims to limit the access of customer’s information to only authorized people who have right to know.
  • It doesn’t disclose the information about transaction or accounts to the other parties unless it is legal with certain need or justification of business.

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