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Amegy mortgage loan by the Amegy Bank in Texas is one of the greatest mortgage deals you can get these days. Amegy Bank can be your dependable mortgage loan provider because this bank has amazing mortgage history. The bank has been offering mortgage loans for people in Texas for over 35 years. The Amegy Bank is also run by stable ownership and has great and steady growth. The current servicing portfolio of this bank is approximately $2 billion today.

The bank is also full of professional staff. They are all highly trained and experienced to select the best mortgage loan program suitable for you. The bank is using person to person approach to get you the best Amegy mortgage loan. Below is more information about it for you.

1. The Best Mortgage Loan from Amegy Bank

There are many financing solution programs at Amegy Bank, including for mortgage. If you are looking for the best deal for mortgage financing, the best program from the bank is the one-time close loan. This loan combines construction loan and permanent mortgage into one simple loan. With this loan, you can choose to build your own house from scratch or you want to purchase a house and then renovate it. Either way, the program will guide you through the process.

Amegy Mortgage

2. The Benefits of One-Time Close Loans

There are plenty benefits of using this mortgage financing program. First of all, the loan terms are completely customizable. You can choose how long the term will be according to your preference. This loan is also going to save you a lot of money because during the construction phase of the house, the payment that you have to pay is the interest only. The construction phase is also allowed to be more than 12 months (best to be 9-24 months). The funds to start the construction is also going to be quick. It only takes 48 hours from the approval to the release of the funds. It is surely helpful especially if you want to keep the project moving.

3. How to Get the One-Time Close Loans?

To get the one-time close loan, you need to prepare several documents. They are important to keep your loan processed. You need to provide your complete income documentations. It is including your salary slips, bank records, savings records, and so on. Then, you need to provide your asset documentation. The bank needs to know exactly how much you possess such as how many houses and property you have, how many vehicles, infestations, and so on. The bank is going to use them as considerations about your financial stability. The more stable it is, surely the more possibility of loan approval that you will get. Last but not least, you need to provide your current liability information. The bank will use them as the consideration as well. If you have too many liabilities on your way, certainly getting the loan will not be easy. However, Amegy mortgage loan by the Amegy Bank in Texas is still one of the best mortgage loans you can get in the state.

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